What the devil is going on here?!

Dear America, get your shit together and adopt the metric system.

  • The metric system makes more sense as it uses base 10.
  • It’s more accurate because every size term corresponds to a multiple of 10 and therefore all sizes are on the same scale.
  • It’s easier to use
  • because base 10.
  • You, Burma, and Liberia are the only countries in the world who haven’t adopted it as the official standard of their country.
  • Everyone else who didn’t adopt it is DEAD because they were alive HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO (<——this is an exaggeration but seriously you’re using a system enacted in 1826 and invented long before).
  • It’s also the international system of measurement and as a global superpower you’re being kind of rude, playing by your own rules. 
  • You didn’t even invent the imperial system, it’s the BRITISH imperial system and they got rid of their own invention because it’s antiquated and dumb.
  • It basically makes you look like a bunch of stubborn hipsters who are being difficult for the sake of being difficult.
  • Just look at you
  • The sense you are making is zero.
  • If life was one of those old ads for Mac computers we are Justin Long and you are the personified PC guy who no one likes.
  • ^^How the rest of the world sees you
  • In summary, fix yo selves.
  • The metric system, bitches.

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    Omg we’re different. That means we should be attacked and we should conform. Fuck you guys. MURIKAAA!!!
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    im loving it in the imperial tag :D
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    I live in America and i agree. Seriously lets just switch to metrics.
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  21. what-a-catch said: I agree, but I’m a little offended by the title of the graphic you chose, and it completely distracted from your point once I saw that.
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    With love, yous people following me, but THIS
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    My life has been a mixture of English/Metric for a long.. long.. time. Am I smarter because I know both ;)
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    I’m with you, bro.
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