What the devil is going on here?!

My Wade/Unique feels:

  • Love the voice
  • We all know the acting is bad
  • At least when he’s Unique her boldness and sass sort veil the acting
  • Obviously the Glee Club will check itself before it wrecks itself concerning stifling Unique and telling her to hide.

Despite his sub par acting skills I would not be opposed to Unique transferring to McKinley. Honestly I love the character and I love the voice and it would be nice to have as many familiar faces in the new club as possible.

It hurts me to write the words “new club”.

There I go again.


Boogie Shoes - Glee Cast Version

So I said I might pop up with an impromptu song today and this is it! I just did a quick recording for you. I absolutely loved this on the show.


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Alex Newel/Wade Feels


Let’s just get this over with — oh wait! I just realised Rory is missing! HUZZAH! Actually, speaking of which, he is by far the most disappointing Glee Project winner.

Anyway, so Alex’s acting is not good… Like seriously, I have MAJOR issues with the Glee Project not even looking at acting ability. What is that all about? It’s actually really important that people on TV shows can act. It’s sort of a big part of it.

However, when Alex transforms into Unique he’s actually good. And funny. and just like BAM!

And there’s no denying that the child can sing.

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