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Tumblr Crushes:

Posting because Alex wants everyone to see how high a percent she has on my crushes. Plus I actually follow all these blogs.

Frankly I am disappointed at the Glee fandom’s lack of love for Mercedes Jones. #ClearlyTheGreatest



UltimateGleeks OFFICIAL: BREAKING: GLEE's Ryan Murphy Talks For First Time About Spinoff & Firings Missteps



Glee Executive Producer Ryan Murphy told me in an exclusive Deadline interview that up until a few weeks ago he was working on a planned scripted hourlong spin-off to Glee. But after several of the show’s stars claimed surprise at Murphy’s announcement that this year would be their last on the…

Drama drama drama! Ryan Murphy is kind of a pain in the ASS!

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It is friday here and I am feeling as though I should do a Follow Friday. But I don’t do these things half-assed.


These first three girls are consistently at the top of my Tumblr crushes.

dumbledorable - Amber! She is basically a BAMF. She fiercely supports things she believes in, is a great friend and has a super fun blog. Win win win. Also, she created mini!Blaine - in case you didn’t know.

iclemyer - Kiernan! Great girl! Beautiful on the outside and inside. She was one of the first people I ever followed because her blog was amazing. I introduced myself and we are forever friends.

candidlycara - An exotic princess (hehehe). Her blog is an intellectual delight AND hilarious. I think her blog seems like it was written by the same people behind the Easy A screenplay. Fun, sassy, smart. She is such a supportive, generous person and loves with abandon.

fiftyrantsperday - Jump! Not only does he have the coolest name I’ve heard, he also has an awesome blog. It lives up to its name - it is literally pop-culture rants that are often hilarious or insightful. He’s a fanboy who is excellent to ‘jump’ (HAHAHA) around excitedly about things with via the internet.

delilahlovett - Devin! Another Tumblr friend. Such a sweet girl. She makes those amazing Dalton Blazer phone cosys that I go on about and that my phone looks like a dapper bitch in. Her blog is truly this collection of all things central to the Starkid-Potter-Glee fandoms.

beatsdumbledoreontoast - If being English wasn’t good enough a reason to love her, you could try checking out her blog. It is really full of very funny bits and pieces.

gleeks & gleeifs - These are my two favourite Glee blogs. Gleeks has everything about Glee on it and Gleeifs is a collection of awesome Glee gifs.

thedailywhat - Is pretty much a blog of hilarious news.


And now the second half of the this #FF is dedicated to my favourite followers.









And there’s heaps more I’d like to mention but I won’t.


Unofficial Warblers pins!

$8.90 for 5 pack!


Are you on the team?


P.S. I started a Gleek support network called the G.A. with my friend.


G.A. is an acronym for Gleeks Anonymous. Pretty much we run it and we say hilarious Gleek things and I wrote the 10 step program to living with Gleekism. If you have any Glee related ideas, woes, wins or if you are feeling the crushing depression of a hiatus, you can express yourself in this forum. Curt Mega already joined.

So, either follow us on Twitter:


Or join the Facebook group.

You won’t regret it.

Good Lord! The Gleeks Tumblr just posted my Hell To The No cover!

I put it in their submit box and BAM! It already has quite a few notes and here is what some people have said:

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awesome… you’re awesome! :O Plus, I’m loving the suspenders ;P

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god, please go on glee, okay.

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