What the devil is going on here?!





Never not cheering me up.

i think i just pissed myself from this omg what

look at all of those wiggles


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A hilarious t-shirt design I just made for submission to Threadless.


Yum and beautiful!

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Random Facts About Me #23


082. I don’t like apples and oranges.

I think I may be quite contrary but I think I don’t ever want them because they are so ordinary.

083. I’m in Ravenclaw. Bitch.

084. I like to read books made of paper.

It cool.

085. I basically only read fantasy/adventure novels.

It is also basically the only genre I write in.

86. For about four years, the only casual shoes I’d own have been a pair of white Vollys (canvas shoes) that I have painted in someway.

I’m a currently on my 3rd and 4th pair. Here’s one:

The others are just red.


So cool.

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